Elder Patience has been re-assigned to serve the people of Tempe Arizona. His service begins in Tempe Arizona February 25, 2013.

The Journey, and Adventures of an LDS Missionary Serving in Tempe Arizona

Monday, February 25, 2013

Please send this email to people so they know until I can write them. So I got here all safe and sound and it has been crazy ever since I got here. I'm not going to lie Its really hard and I am really get home sick. Everything is so different. Everyone is cool but just different then I am use to and no body really knows what there doing. Its so crazy here and kind of a jumbled mess. We got put in this area that they call getting white washed because they completely start over. Pull out all missionaries and dump all the stuff from before and put new ones in.  Ugh i hate these feelings but i hope it gets easier because right now its still not fun. I got in and had to buy a bike right away. I live in a house with four missionary's that are MESSY!!! I'm going to go crazy but maybe i can learn from it. Haha it will teach me not to be so clean. The flight was good and went fast. My mission president met me and we went to breakfast with his wife. They are so great. I really like them a lot and they make you feel right at home here. You can tell what missionaries have been here for along time because they just don't care anymore and are kind of jerks. That's sad you would think maybe they would have so much to do that they wouldn't want to go home. My companion is Elder Atkins. He way nice but really quite. Doesn't really explain anything that we are doing i just follow him around like a puppy. I like Arizona  a lot, Its not hot here today and actually feels pretty good. I am excited to teach my first investigator. I think that it will make me feel a lot better. We are going to talk with the bishop tonight to see about the wards and stuff and get a game plan of what we are going to do. Monday is my P-day My Address is 2526E. Meadow Land Dr Queen Creek AZ 85140. I love you all so much. I think about you all the time. Best family and friends in the world.
Love Elder Patience

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